Helpful Information

Which designs from the website can I choose from to use on my customised stationary?

You’re free to choose from any of the designs on display on the website.

Can I customise my stationary with my name?

Your name can be added onto the stationary item according to your preference.

Are all your designs handmade?

No, some of the designs on display were created digitally, using desktop software.
(If made digitally, it would be mentioned in the product details.)

Is it possible for me to use a photo/design of my choice on my stationary?


Can you provide me with a handmade logo on my stationary?

Yes, that can be done but with additional charges, varying on your logo.

What is your return policy?

We don’t have one, paintings/designs/stationary once purchased cannot be returned.

Are all the designs one off, or can we purchase more pieces of the same design?

No, there is only one piece of each design, for additional designs, there will be a buffer period depending on the demand.

 I have a query regarding the sizes of each of the designs, please help me out.

We are here to serve you best, please contact us on our contact details given on the website.