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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Client Name: Diyaash (Designer Jewllery by Dolly Gurbani)

Products: Stippling Handmade logo made for the company for stationery products like letter-pads & diaries of various sizes.

Customer Feedback:

Hi Masumi!

Just wanted to say THANK U for the letter pads that you designed for me.

It’s lovely and my logo with the brand name on it makes it perfect for me to use it in my office.

The beautiful artwork that u have done makes it look like a print and I enjoy keeping it on my desk and use it each day as the quality is very good too.

Thank you once again.

Customer Name: Rahul Maradiya, Samit Agarwal

Product: Personalized name on hand painted letter-pads for college use.

Customer Feedback:

Rahul Maradiya: The notepad that I got was exquisitely designed, with the painting on the cover exactly as I had asked for it. The design was soothing to the eye, and the quality of the material was soft to touch, being sturdy. I would definitely recommend this product to my companions, and this is more than worth giving a shot.

Samit Agarwal - The design was amazing and different than the usual book-pads. Also the quality was really good with proper finishing of the design as well as the pages 😍.

Client Name: Aishvarya Deshpande

Products: Stationery Set & a painting

Customer Feedback:

The stationary I received from Masumi consisted of a file, a notepad, and two notebooks of different sizes. The design was based on a painting of Masumi’s, which made them more unique and meaningful for me. I absolutely love them and find them incredibly useful for writing notes for classes as well as jotting down any quick notes in the notepad. I also love that the notebooks are spiral bound as it makes them very easy to use and ensures that the spine does not get creased. Overall, I am very happy with the stationary.

I have always been an admirer of Masumi’s paintings and was delighted when she gave me. She gave me options out of which i chose the one that reminded me of the sun. I loved the way in which the brighter and darker colours blended together in a sort of ombre, as well as the knife work (please edit if this is wrong). it is a great painting that really brightens up the room and lightens the mood. I’m really glad to have such a painting.

Client Name: Nilesh Shah

Products: Name Plate & A Buddha Painting

Customer Feedback: We bought two things, a painting and a personalized name plate both of them are amazingly creative, soothing and full of colors . We love your work and seeing forward to buy more paintings.

Client Name: Gayatri Mohanty

Product: Ganesha Painting

Customer Feedback: Dear Masumi ! All your artworks are spontaneous and technically perfect.

You paint on canvas with your heart & soul .

Your Ganesha painting brings a vibrant and ethnic feel to my entrance space . God bless you !

Client Name: Disha Agicha & Sanchal Malu

Product: Scrapbooks

Customer Feedback:

Disha Agicha: I loved the personalized scrapbook that I bought from you. The cover page print was one of my favourite paintings of yours! Overall the scrapbook quality was amazing! Good luck! ❤

Sanchal Malu: I really liked the cover page of the scrapbook that I bought. The pages where also of good quality.

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